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Martial Arts In Danville, CA: A Way To A Better You

"Thanks for visiting our website. We would love to have you as a student at Danville martial arts school. But first, you should learn more about us. At this site you can download several FREE REPORTS on child development, subscribe to our FREE NEWSLETTER, or request a VALUABLE COUPON for our Current Special. I hope you find your visit valuable and I look forward to hearing from you."
-- Master Rick Kemsley

Danville Martial Arts training at Tao Sports Taekwondo

The focus of our martial arts schools in Danville, CA is on physical fitness, character development and self defense -- rather than fighting. Our overarching goal is in building our student's self-esteem.

As soon as you become a martial arts student, you join a community that works together toward improved physical strength and stamina, better focus and concentration, greater self discipline, competency in self defense and, most importantly, increased self confidence.

For us at Tao Sports Taekwondo, the practice of martial arts means respecting each other, encouraging and supporting each other and celebrating each other’s successes.

These values are especially important in working with children and families -- the primary focus of our martial arts schools in Danville, CA.


"The life skills of confidence, respect and discipline are the same ones that we teach at home. I cannot thank the teachers enough for their patience and dedication to our children."

Kathy and Len Van Zeeland

We have martial arts programs for students of all ages.

For children, our emphasis is on character development and physical fitness.

With adults, our goal is to deliver all of the benefits of martial arts, including improved muscle tone, increased cardiovascular fitness, lower stress levels, increased energy, and greater flexbility

Self-defense is also emphasized but it's always tempered with the training on how to seek alternatives to conflict.

Each of our martial arts instructors is committed to teaching the physical skills while applying attitude-shaping exercises aimed at bringing out the best character and physical potential in each student.

We hope you become a Danville martial arts student at Tao Sports Taekwondo.



 Martial Arts Danville Student


Tao Sports Taekwondo


519 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
Danville, CA 94526

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"I love this program. My daughter looks forward to a fun class and I look forward to the valuable life skills she learns."

Susan Inkmann

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Martial Arts in Danville, CA Address: Tao Sports Taekwondo 519 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Danville, CA 94526